Since 1946, Chicago Spectro Service Laboratory, provides speedy and accurate material analysis at affordable prices.

Chicago Spectro specializes in:
Metallographic Examination: Consulting Services:
  • Grain Size Determination
  • Case Depth Determination (Optical)
  • Decarburization Measurements
  • Graphite Classification
  • Plating Techniques (Single)
  • Basic Microstructure
  • Corrosion Investigation
  • Defect Evaluation
  • Failure Analysis
  • Heat Treat Evaluation
  • Process Evaluation
  • Quality Control
Industrial and Legal Investigations
We supply the same quality service on certified analysis for all Federal Specifications.  (Army, Navy, Air Force, Ect.)

You’ll like the scope of our service, the ease of the transaction, the speed, accuracy, and completeness of our reports, bringing our facilities into your plant and adding laboratory control to your operation without investment and maintenance.